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LC/GC Partfinder, a new service for gas and liquid chromatography users.

Agilent 1100 PumpIf you find yourself in a situation where your LC or GC system has broken down and you can't fined a supplier for the required part due to circumstances such as

  • Expensive
    No longer available from the manufacturer
    Engineer fit only so the cost of the visit has to be added to the part
    The cost of the part is close to the replacement cost of the whole instrument
    Finances are an issue
    The supplier has a high minimum order which makes the part more expensive.
    You don't want to spend a lot as it is near the end of a campaign or project

Don’t write it off yet, we can help

  • We have stock of new parts available for sale at old prices, these are parts we carry to assist engineers in repairs and servicing but find there is excess stock.
  • We have complete units for sale
    Instruments breaking for donor purposes or where a part can removed, tested and supplied for fitting to your instrument.

Agilent 1100 Quat ValveParts such as

  • Electrical/electronic—keyboards, motors, circuit boards, sensors, displays, heaters etc
    Hardware - cabinets, hinges, door catches, ports, flow path components etc
    Parts removed, tested and ready to post. We remove parts from a donor until we consider it ready to dispose of the cabinet and stock the parts individually


You need a part for example costing if new, if available ££££. Alternatively buy a old stock/used unit from us for less.
Replace the system costing ££££££
Do you have to revalidate the system before you can put it into your quality system.
Familiarization with the new system
Unless you buy like for like do you have parts / consumables which are not compatible in your spares stock
Is the replacement unit compatible with the rest of the system
How long will the replacement last

Please note that we have a minimum order of £100

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